GEOMAT® Patented and Patent Pending
Closed Loop Water Containment Recovery Systems


  • You succeed at cultivating the growth of high quality medical and recreational Cannabis. We will compliment that growing success by providing a high performance, environmentally friendly solution with a water recycling process to support your growing business via our Patented & Patent Pending GEOMAT® Closed Loop Water Containment Recovery Systems.
  • Our Cannabis grow room GEOMAT® Closed Loop Water Containment Recovery Systems meet the most rigorous industry standards of design, craftsmanship, and quality.
  • GEOMAT® has a successful history of over 25 years in the water containment industry. From large fleet washes, custom applications, decontamination, to capturing and recycling any size volume of water, our systems have provided clients various solutions.
  • We are proud to have such clients as multiple Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Military and U.S. Government, helping them achieve their water recycling, containment and decontamination needs effectively.
  • GEOMAT® employees are professionally trained technicians who follow the latest industry methods.
  • Our team shares a passion for providing each of our clients with exceptional services while sharing the same compassion for our environment.
  • While our GEOMAT® system recycles the water multiple times by capturing instead of discarding, the water is not wasted nor exposed to the environment. Instead, the run-off water is captured to a holding tank where it is tied into your irrigation system and recycled for future use.
  • The GEOMAT® choice offers multiple benefits such as; maintaining nutrients, amino acids and growth stimulants that have been absorbed by the water which flows back into the containment area for the next watering cycle, as well as saving a significant amount of water and preventing negative effects on the grow facility and surrounding property.
  • We work with our clients across the entire project life cycle – from initial design through final construction and maintenance services. We remain with you as your success grows.
  • We look forward to transitioning your business in reaching its fullest potential, reaping maximum benefits while working with you to acquire the top environmental solution for your specific needs.


  • The Patented and Patent Pending GEOMAT® Closed Loop Water Recovery Systems are ideal for semi-permanent and permanent facilities.
  • These systems can be built to any specification.
  • They elevate workers and grow-carts above the water on an OSHA-approved non-skid work surface allowing water to run off and get pumped into tanks for recycle and reuse.
  • Made from state-of-the-art materials, these systems will withstand even the strongest fertilizers and chemicals used in any application, if necessary.
  • The Patented and Patent pending GEOMAT® Systems can also be dismantled and relocated if required, leaving no environmental footprint.
  • Environmentally speaking, GEOMAT® Systems stand alone in solution to your growing process success.


If you grow and cultivate at your location, your growing process requires large amounts of water usage in order to maintain strong healthy plants. Without proper Containment and Recycling for an efficient growing system your company could face risks that will be wasteful and damaging:

  • Financial/Health Structural
  • Large amounts of water and associated cost
  • Negative effect on structure and property
  • Loss of nutrients

Your current Grow room operation will benefit from the state-of-the-art Patented & Patent Pending GEOMAT® Closed Loop Water Containment Recovery System, which is an environmentally friendly water recycling product designed to your specific requirements.

Water is contained in the GEOMAT® industrial grade closed loop eco-friendly system that can be tied back into your irrigation to be recycled safely as needed. Plants will be elevated on the non-skid work surface which promotes them to thrive naturally.

GEOMAT® will benefit your business growth, as well as the environment, in multiple ways:

  • Water Containment
  • Recycles Water
  • Cost Efficient
  • Meets all Clean Water Act / EPA standards
  • Captures Nutrients
  • Significantly reduces Water consumption and cost
  • Prevents Structural / Environment damage
  • Meets OSHA requirements for ‘wet work area’
  • Ability to work with Irrigation Systems/Robotics
  • GEOMAT® reflective material benefits lighting requirements
  • Customized to any Specs
  • Option to add on & grow with business
  • Can withstand heavy machinery traffic
  • Easily removed or relocated
  • Leaves no environmental footprint
  • 20 Year Warranty*


  • GEOMAT® understands that each cannabis grower has specific Containment flooring requirements and budgets. We work with each of our clients to find the perfect solution to fit their budget and needs.
  • At GEOMAT®, we guarantee customized services, utilizing the highest quality materials available. Our experienced specialists work within your timeline, giving our best service and product to ensure you deliver your best service and product with the least environmental footprint.
  • GEOMAT® HQ is located in the Tampa area and services the United States and Canada.