Numerous cases have been documented of what initially appears to be harmless vehicle washing, causing severe surface ground and well water contamination. What actually occurs is the continued cleaning in one area, results in the build-up of low levels of contamination to dangerous levels over a period of time. Over time, this high level will reach ground and potable water. Therefore, auto detailing is a focused industry of the EPA and regulations regarding wastewater containment.

GEOMAT® Sewer Connected Overview

GEOMAT® description:

Aluminum framed, patented waste water filtration and containment system.

GEOMAT® sewer connected function:

Upon water being introduced to the surface, it flows down through the patented GEOMAT®'s filtration grid and is contained by an oil impervious membrane which is attached to a 2" x 2" aluminum perimeter frame. The patented system is sloped accordingly towards a drain to provide optimum filtration and waste water containment. Upon completion of the waste water gravity flowing through the patented GEOMAT® system, the effluent is now approved to be accepted by the governing sewer authority.

GEOMAT® sewer connected operation:

The car / truck is driven onto the patented standard 10' x 20' GEOMAT® surface. It is then washed and rinsed using a pressure washer or ordinary hose with industry accepted chemicals & procedures. Upon completion, it is driven off the wash area.

GEOMAT® sewer connected requirements:

For a standard GEOMAT® sewer connected system the location will need:

  • A somewhat level surface (most inconsistency's can be field corrected).
  • Over head protection from rain (to prevent introduction of unwanted water).
  • A sanitary sewer line to connect to (field verify location / adaptable for pump discharge).

GEOMAT® service and maintenance: (small variations with usage volume)

The patented GEOMAT® system is designed to contain and filter the water being used. Through this process the patented GEOMAT® filtering layers need to be cleaned annually (dependent on usage). This is done by a GEOMAT® technician and all residual waste and sediment is disposed and manifested according to local and federal EPA guidelines.


The GEOMAT® sewer connected system has proven itself through actual field usage and historical tracking to be an effective tool in reducing costs and environmental impact in the car / truck washing industry. The GEOMAT® application leaves no environmental or construction footprint if it is removed. The bolt penetration holes can be filled with epoxy cement. The patented GEOMAT® system can be relocated and installed elsewhere if desired. It was designed to be low maintenance and very durable to accommodate the industry and it is doing just that.