GEOMAT® Parking Structures

GEOMAT® has a long history offering a unique perspective on designing and installing systems inside parking structures to meet environmental compliance.

The GEOMAT® can be set up and placed on any surface inside the parking garage with very little disturbance to the structure.

The car wash water will be contained inside the GEOMAT®, while residual waste from washing can be pumped to the sanitary sewer line or set up as a close loop system, helping to achieve LEED compliance.

Car washes that set up inside parking structures are often difficult and expensive. GEOMAT® is the leading innovator with our Patented solution.

Office buildings are always looking to offer another amenity to the client while keeping your parking structure environmentally compliant and safe. If ever the need arises our system can be relocated without leaving any environmental footprint.

We look forward to helping in the design stage or offering a solution to existing parking structures and outside parking spaces.

The GEOMAT® can be set up and placed on any surface inside and outside the parking garage with very little interruption to operations.

We work with clients across the entire project life cycle — from initial design through final construction and maintenance services — on both traditional and alternative project-delivery options.